About Us

About Ikonwork

IKONWORK is Jamaica's 1st, social media & networking platform that aims to connect job-seekers to the head-hunting community, using our tailored and result-oriented solutions. Our focus is to improve the recruitment productivity by leading ambitious aspirants to their dream careers, while relieving the recruiters of the struggle to find the right candidates for their jobs.

Using our recruitment & job management portal, job seekers can update their professional profile & resume, connect with their peers and other professionals, showcase their skills, explore better job opportunities and reach out to employers that closely meet their expectations.

Our Credence in our Work:

We believe that anyone who is qualified, competent and passionate enough about their career has a right to land their ideal job, while top tier employers, offering the best compensation, benefits and training should effortlessly be able to find the best talent for their vacancies.

And this is exactly where we play a vital role.

We help the job-seekers in every way to fine-tune their profile, polish and acquire new skills, present their best self and widen their professional network. They can research thousands of new jobs and top hiring companies in Jamaica, and apply directly to as many openings as they wish, that too every day.

We also understand the challenges faced by the recruiters in finding the best fit for their requirements. At IKONWORK we help them identify the right candidate in no time. Using our exclusive features they can easily and quickly search, shortlist and even arrange appointments with the job-seekers.

What does everyone get??

  • Decrease in the time taken by the job seekers to search the job opening.
  • Decrease the gap between the demand for the qualified workforce to the unavailability of the matching jobs.
  • Easy and quick access to recruiters of top hiring companies in Jamaica.

Choose what you can do to land the best jobs in Jamaica!

Professional Profiles :

Create a perfect professional profile for recruiters to get to know you better. Get help from professionals at IKONWORK, make an impressive pitch of your skill sets and effectively create your professional value.

Video Introduction:

Creating a perfect elevator pitch has never been so easy. You just need to fill in your details in a ready-made, easy format and voila! The template is ready for you to read and present yourself to the recruiters through a video presentation.

Showcase your Problem-Solving Skills:

Now you can demonstrate your unique problem solving skills and highlight situations you have successfully resolved in the past using our video feature. Thus, catching the attention of potential employers

Content creation:

Add value to your profile with creative and professionally relevant content that is informative and thought-provoking. You can post it, share it with other Ikons and get their reviews.

You can even choose whom you wish to see your posts.

Jobs application:

Search for suitable jobs from thousands of openings across a wide range of industries. Apply to multiple options of your liking in a click and increase your chances of getting hired. You can filter out your options based on your qualification, skills, industry, and companies.

Use IKONWORK's platform to reach out and build professional connections. Create link-ups and chat with your connections. Expand your network, learn what is trending and find better opportunities.